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About Us

Contractors installing garage door opener. Repair garage door opener system.

Garages are great. We use them for loads of different things. We store our stuff there, we take our things there, we sometimes even install a gym in the garage. Now, whilst they are great storage units and good places to workout in, they are often vital spaces, too, where members of the family can go to take a moment for themselves.

Garages have famously been the boys toys of households in films and in popular culture. They have been tool shops and hangouts, places for bands to practice and drinking spots, away from prying eyes.

However, the main reason why we use garages is, of course, for our cars. In America generally, and in Irving as well, we love our cars. We spend ages making them look great and cleaning them because we realise that, in some ways, cars are reflections of ourselves. Therefore, at Irving Garage Door Repair, we feel that our work provides a community service but also a service to families and to individuals.

We like to think of our work in this way. We are not just fixing and replacing doors - we are providing a great help to the people that we share a community with. Every company should have an ethos and this is ours. It is one that we are quite proud of. Therefore, our commitment to high standards is not just about profit, it is about