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Garage Door Replacement

Irving Garage Door Repair - Garage Door Replacement 2

Our team here in Irving is very skilled at fixing garage doors. We can sort out the hinges, we can replace or fix the panels, we can even get rid or rust, and in the worst circumstances, clean or graffiti. However, we are fully prepared to replace doors if they get to a point beyond repair.

We are able to do this only if it is required. If there is no way back for a garage door, then the only thing to do is to get a replacement. If you find yourself in this position, you need to make sure that you have a reliable contractor who is able to get you a cheap replacement that will last you for a long while into the future.

We Love Garages

In America, we love our garages. They play host to many different functions. Sometimes, they are used to store our old gear, or to act as a storage unit that is separate from the house itself. Other times, they are used as places for band practice or for make shift gyms - both activities requiring a space that is a little quieter or a little more concealed from others. But, most often, they are used to store our vehicles.

We love our vehicles and therefore, garages are very important to us. However, if your garage door stops being functional, it is not just the door you use, but all the functions of your garage as well! Therefore, save our number now so that if you find yourself in need of a replacement, we can get the job done quickly and you can get back to your normal life.

Types of Doors We Can Replace

There are many types of doors that we have the ability to replace for you and each one poses a slightly different set of requirements. If you need a new single panelled door, then we need to know which material it is as well as whether it is a manual or motor functional piece. Sectional doors are a little easier in that sometimes it is just one part we need to replace, but the same questions still stand. Or, we can replace roller doors at short notice, too.

One very important detail is how the door functions. Though this may seem obvious, we need to know the detail here in order to understand the weight, the balance and the material to work with.

Motor vs. Manual

Our job has a lot of different components to it. In this sense, we need to be acting more like mechanics than construction workers for some jobs and some of our tasks draw us into the realms of electronic work as well as well as metal work.

Get In Touch!

Whatever the case, feel free to get in touch today. We can organise a routine inspection or we can get your details over the phone (all our contact details can be found on the website) and we will be able to come and do the job for you in a quick and professional manner.