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Garage Door Spring Repair

KYIV, UKRAINE - May, 14, 2018: Worker installing garage door opener system. Garage door repair.

How do garage doors work? Well, the answer to that question is a bit like the answer to the question ‘why are mattresses comfortable’ or the question ‘what natural features are great for steam and water relaxation: hot ______?’ You know where we are going with this! Springs! Of course it is.

Here at Irving Garage Door Repair, we are well acquainted with springs and what’s more, we are able to fix, install, repair or to treat the springs in your garage door system. We can fix the old ones and we can add new ones that will continue to be functional for a long time into the future, keeping your garage door running smoothly.

When To Think About Springs

Well, your garage doors are arguably the hardest working components in your home. Every time you lift up the door or close it, you are putting strain on it and this happens several times throughout the day. In order to understand this further, just think about garage doors you have had in the past or other people’s garage doors that you have seen and try to remember the screeching sound that you heard when it opened and closed, how feeble it seemed.

The problem might well be springs. So - the time to think about your springs is any time after the first two years that you have a new garage door in place.

Get it Done Sooner Rather than Later!

After a while of constant work, the garage doors are liable to experience normal wear and tear. What are the first parts to go? The nuts and the bolts, the springs and the mechanisms. Springs are very important components because they cushion the substrate and they are vital to the mechanism that gets the door moving.

If you leave it until too late, then the poor springs might have failed in their job and they might have been failing for a little while, causing other areas of damage on the substrate, on the materials and on the brackets. Best to get it sorted earlier and to get the professionals to fortify your garage doors before it is too late!

Types of Springs

There are two main types of springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are the most common of the two - they are small coils of metal that absorb pressure and release it when necessary. There are many different types of torsion springs that we can talk about. We will find out exactly which one is best for you and your garage door.

Extension springs are a little bigger and normally, two of them work in unison alongside the brackets of the door. They work very well with manual pulleys and they extend to absorb the pressure and release it as the door closes. These are both great options and we can discuss which one works best for you before implementation.

Get In Touch Today!

Get in touch today and we will make sure that the job gets done sooner rather than later. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest! We very much look forward to hearing from you!